Sunday, December 20, 2015

DIY extra storage in your planner

Hi everyone!

2016 is around the corner, what have you planned for a new year? As for me, I've been planning a lot for my 2016 planner. I have been a planner for more or less 9 years now, and so far I only use 1 kind of planner each year. But for 2016, I'm planning to have both planner and bullet journal to keep myself organized. This is because the planner I'm gonna use doesn't provide any extra pages for me to jot down my other essential sections, so I've decided to use bullet journal in addition to keep myself on track on what to plan and stuffs.

The planner that I'm gonna use is peekmybook 2016 in pastel mint colour which I totally love (left). I bought this planner at ART SEE (IG : @art.see), they sell cute stuffs for planners, and if you're a planner addict like me, make sure to check them out. <3 As for the bullet journal (right), I bought it from DAISO SG. I know it's not a proper bullet journal, but it's okay since it's quite emergency.

As you can see here, they don't have any extra spaces in front or at the back to put my stickers, money or paperclips like my previous planner. And the only way is to add them myself. I always keep stickers and paperclips which I always use inside my planner so whenever I don't bring my planning essentials pouch with me, I don't need to worry since they are already inside my planner. And I always put emergency money inside my planner in case I forget to bring my wallet, so for me, those extra spaces are super important.

Finally I come with an idea to use my old envelopes which I thought I no longer need as an extra storage. We never know when we will need all those abandoned stuffs right hahaha. So, yeah, this post is gonna be a super simple tutorial of how to add them inside, especially if you have the same problem with me.

For this simple project, you only need 3 stuffs :
- Journals/planners you wanna use
- Envelopes
- Hole puncher

Let's start with my bullet journal. Since it uses rings to bind, you need to start of by marking down where the holes are going to be. You can use the rings as the guide.

Then just simply punch them with the hole puncher, and remember to slit through the middle part of the holes, since the rings are fixed and can't be opened.

Then use your finger to plug the envelope into the rings and voila, you are done! Now you have your extra storage to keep your emergency money or stickers. Remember to seal the cover by using washitapes to prevent the content from falling out.

And what's best from this is people won't even realize that you have an envelope inside, but this is only possible if you don't put too much money since it will be so bulky.

Next, for a planner which is binded this way, you can just simply stick the envelope and put in your most used stickers.

So that's all for the tutorial. I know it's super simple, but I really hope it will be useful for you. Okay then, see you on my next post <3.

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