Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY cute jar tutorial

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog!

So I'm finally back with another tutorial to share with you guys. This is a recycling tutorial I can say. I believe that most of us sometimes buy candies, jams, or any other foods in the jars, and instead of throwing the jars away, we can always reuse them to keep another foods or we can even recycle by decorating and transforming them into cute jars to keep anything we want. So if you like to do DIY or recycling projects, then this tutorial is definitely for you. <3

Several years ago, I had transformed some candy jars into these, and since I am a planner, I like to keep everything related to planning, such as clips, pens and cute stuff in the jar. So you can actually decide yourself what things that you're gonna keep, and what words you wanna write on it. 

So for this project, I'm gonna use this Mozzarella Cheese jar. I remember I bought this just because I loved the jar very much hahaha. So finally I can use it now. However, if you use this jar as well, or any other food jars with a strong smell, you have to wash it so many times to get rid of the smell, I mean really really lots of time. I find it so hard to get rid of it, I even sprayed some air freshener inside, geez. 

I use erasers on top of my jars. Yes, while people collect branded shoes or bags, I collect... erasers. Oh come on, I just can't stand it alright. Whenever I see cute erasers at the stores I would definitely buy them hahaha. So instead of using them on papers, I use them as decorations. Well, you can always use whatever you want to decorate, but in this tutorial, I'm gonna use these. 

These are other materials needed for the project. You can always be creative by adding whatever materials you have/want in decorating your jars. 

So let's start <3

You can first start off by colour coordinating the stuff that you're gonna use. For me, I will go with turquoise, pastelic blue and white.

Next, measure the ribbon around your jar and cut off the ribbon.

Pick a pen and write down whatever you want on the ribbon. I'm using a gel ink pen so I need to put aside and let it dry for a few moments.

While waiting, let's move on to the cover. Pick out your favourite ribbon and start gluing it on top of your cover.

Next, arrange your favourite erasers / any decorative items on top of your cover, and glue them down.

Now, take out your pearls, stick them wherever you want, and have fun with it! :D

This is optional, but if you have jeweled stickers, you can add them on top of your items to make it look shinier and cuter.

And now you're done with the cover. Let's move on to the jar.

After it has dried, place the ribbon on top of your jar and glue it down. 

As you can see I ruin one of the words and should clean it since I'm so lazy to rewrite it hahaha. Next, take out your decorative ribbon and place it wherever you want to make it less plain.

Instead of using the same ribbon, you can colour coordinate the upper part with another ribbon to make it look sweeter.

To cover up my mistake, I use the decorative flowers I have in my storage and add pearls on top of them to make them pop <3

Place another ribbon around the jar and tie up a ribbon. I purposely don't do it separately to add more "DIY" feeling to my jar. But you can stick the below part of the ribbon to make sure it doesn't move.

Place the cover on the jar and YOU ARE DONE!!! <3 

You can always customize your own style of jar and pack it as a gift for someone you love. Since it's handmade and one of a kind, this kind of jars will be much more meaningful than any other jars you could buy from the stores. 

So if you see this tutorial and happen to make the same jars or if you make another creation of your jars, or if you have another ideas on how to make cute jars, then you can always share them with me by tagging me on instagram : @flolaviniaa or leave a comment below, I would be so happy and honored. :D

Alright then, thanks for reading and see you guys <3

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