Sunday, September 24, 2017

NUUNA review

Hey guys, so I finally decided to change my bujo into the new ones because I had been mixing all my school planning and personal planning and I somehow lost focus. I'll still be using my Leuchtturm 1917 bujo for my travelling purpose and I'll be writing another post on how I use and set up my 3 planners.

The new bujos that I chose are from Nuuna. It was a hard decision to make because of many great brands scattered all over the internet. It took me 2 months to finally picked Nuuna and when the package arrived, I was thrilled because I finally found my perfect notebook <3

PS :  I ordered Nuuna size S in Shiny Starlet S Cosmo Rose and Nuuna size L in Graphic L - Muse

Okay so let's begin the review.


So, to make things easier understood, I'm going to use my current Leuchtturm 1917 in A5 to compare.
  • Nuuna S is really mini compared to the others, and you can easily bring it anywhere without consuming too much space. 
  • Nuuna size L is slightly bigger than LT BUT trust me, that makes a HUGE difference for my planning life. Why? Let's move on XD

This is the comparison of the width between 3 planners. Yeap, Nuuna size L is only "slightly" wider than LT


The Nuuna L that I chose has a Jeans label material on the cover, it's a bit rough to touch. But this depends on which design you choose since Nuuna has got a wide range of designs.

The Nuuna S has a metalic finish and it's a matt glossy material. 


I know, I know. You can't really see it here (sorry for the bad lightning) but Nuuna's papers are white, while LT papers are yellowish.


If you pay attention closely, you can see that Nuuna L's grid is slightly smaller than LT and this is why I said it makes such a huge difference, at least for me. When you write on LT, the gap between the lines are too big if you skip between lines, and the proportion in Nuuna is just right, not too big, not too small. Since the size of Nuuna is slightly bigger, you can also draw more things or make bigger boxes, without worrying about the grid , if that makes sense. (I'm bad at explaining but I hope you get what I mean xD).

PS : in Nuuna S the grid is even smaller than Nuuna L, so you need a very small handwriting to fit the lines. 


 Nuuna L

LT 1917

Since Nuuna's papers are thicker, of course it does a better job than LT. Here I used the exactly same stamps and pen ( Stabilo poiny 88 Fine 0.4) , and LT does more ghosting than Nuuna. Well, this annoyed me a lot when I was using LT, because sometimes when I forgot, I used the thicker pen and it ended up bleeding through the papers and ruined my next page which sucked. I should stick the next page together to get rid of it. 

Nuuna L

Unfortunately I must admit that it bleeds through on the second coat of Stabilo pen :(


up : Leuchtturm 1917, down : Nuuna L

For Nuuna L, it does great job on the flat binding just like LT, but for Nuuna S, it doesn't. I need to always hold down the pages which sucks.


Nuuna S and Nuuna L

up : Leuchtturm 1917, down : Nuuna 

up : Leuchtturm 1917, down : Nuuna

up : Leuchtturm 1917, down : Nuuna

  • Nuuna provides a lot of designs for the notebooks and the side part depends on which designs you choose.
  • Nuuna has no page numbers, this is great for me since I don't use it at all. (in the picture you can see the paper color difference clearer).
  • LT has a pocket at the back which is great while Nuuna doesn't.
  • LT has the table of content while Nuuna doesn't. This doesn't bother me at all because I don't use it anyway.
  • I love the band and page markers on LT but Nuuna doesn't have them.

Leuchtturm 1917 is such a great notebook I'm not gonna deny, and so is Nuuna. They both provide different features, and both have downsides and benefits. It all depends on which notebook features serve you the best. I will put a table here to conclude everything.

Nuuna S
Leuchtturm 1917 (A5)
Nuuna L
10,8 × 15 cm
14.5 x 21 cm
16,5 × 22 cm
Total pages
Thread stitching
Thread stitching
Thread stitching
Perfect lay-flat behavior
120g Munken paper
120g Munken paper
Paper color
Cover material
Metallic artificial leather
Jeans label material
Cover designs
Prints and solid colors
Solid colors
Prints and solid colors
Page numbers
Elastic band closure
Table of content
A bit
Yes (depends)
A bit
Bleed through
Depends on the pens
14.90 €
16.50 €
24,90 €

Ps: the prices for Nuuna depends on the designs

Happy planning everyone! <3

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017 bullet journal flip through

Hey guys! 

Like finally more or less 6 months my blog is back to life. I've been currently obsessed with my bullet journal, and I kinda abandoned my Erin Condren Life Planner. HHahaha so today I'm gonnna share with you my May 2017 Bujo set ups, what I tracked and how those work for me. Let's begin <3


Since Spring has started, I decided to add a little Spring touch to my May banner. I love how it turned out <3


1. Gratitude Log

I've been tracking my Gratitude feeling for quite sometime now but I only suceeded it in May even though as you can see, I forgot to fill in the 2nd May log XD. I think it's always a good feeling to track my gratitude every single day to remind me to be grateful, no matter what. :)

2. Sleeping Log

This was the first time I tracked my sleeping hours and I realized that I have a bad sleeping routine. I had been sleepless during May because of my sunburn which got really bad and I had a hard time to fall back into sleep whenever I woke up in the middle of the night.

3. No Spend

As you can see, my No-spend challenge kinda failed. I put a lot of orders on Amazon and that just ruined everything xD. No regrets though, gonna try it again in June xD

4. Dramas and Movies XD

I've been so caught up in life and I somehow miss my korean-drama-fangirling moment. I'm super late for the hype but I'm watching them slowly but surely. I decided to track the movies and the episodes I'm in so I can easily continue where I left off. 


I tried out monthly view in May, but I didn't really use it though. Most of the goals that I set weren't accomplished because I suck at goals xD


The style that I use for my bullet journal is the minimal style, which is very simple and I use mostly black pen and grey highlighter. I like how clean minimal style looks in my planner. 

My layout varies from time to time because I always try to figure out which layout works the best for me. I don't have any specific layouts yet.

The things that I track in my weekly view also varies because some don't work well for me. But the most important things that I always track will be : weather, temperature, and my meals.

I do still try new things like the dutch door down here in order to create more pages in a week. Ummm, I think it worked well but I will find another alternative next time I guess.

Finally on this week down here, I decided to add some stamps and I definitely love how it turned out. In June I will try to use some stamps and still embrace the minimal style. I can't wait to see how June turns out!

So yeah, that's it for my May 2017 flip through. I've created a new Instagram account where I'll post all of my bujo layouts there. It is still very new, and if you're interested, please kindly follow @plan.simply on IG <3

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! xx

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Culture Shock People Might Face in Germany

Living in other countries might be exciting yet stressful sometimes, especially when you move to a totally different country, with different language to speak, different people to meet, and different culture to learn. It would be different if you only pay a visit for a week or two, but when you start to live there, culture shock might starts to haunt you. Things that are normally done in our countries won't always be a right thing to do. Some things might be easy to adapt, but some things surely take time!

I've only been here in Germany for around 1.5 month, but I've got a long list of culture shock that I face here, and I believe there will be more as the time passes on. Many friends and family have been asking me the difference between my country Indonesia and here, so today I decide to share with you my long and frustrating list of culture shock. xD


Unless you go to the tourism sites, never expect everyone to be able to speak English, N-E-V-E-R. There are some Germans who can speak fluent English, however it doesn't mean that every people you meet might be the same. Fortunately, I had prepared for this back then and learned a bit Deutsch (it was a requirement for the Visa I applied), but still, it can never guarantee you that you will speak fluently once you meet these Germans. What stresses me out is that, Germans stick to their language very much, a simple mispronunciation might cause people to ask "Wie bitte?", which means "pardon, please repeat". Sometimes I wonder why they can't figure out what foreigners say, because not every country teaches how to pronounce "ä", "ö" and "ü".


Germans are so punctual, SO punctual. Not a minute early, not a minute late. They treat appointments very seriously, which means zero tolerance for any delay or lateness. While back in my country, when you have appointment at 7 p.m., it's normal, very normal to just start to get ready at 6.30, go at 7, and arrive at 8. 


Germany is definitely not for soft hearted people. If you can't take critisicm thrown right in your face, then please, don't live here. For those people who like to state their thoughts as much as they want, then this place is for you. Seriously, what I love about being here is that people don't fake their thoughts just to please you. NOPE. If they like you, they will tell, and if they don't like the things you do, they will tell you as well. They mean every word they say, so if you make mistakes (even though you don't know that), don't take their words personally but use their words as an advice to be better. Besides, they will say it softly and in a low tone, so you won't feel like you're being scolded. Slow, but deep. xD


Germans might appear cold on the outside, but once you get to know them, they're generous human beings. When you meet people and accidentally give eye contact to each other, simply say "Alo" or maybe "Gutten Tag", they will smile and greet you back. AND THAT'S IT. Don't expect further conversation, because unless they are your friends then they won't do that. I love how people respect privacy here, don't expect them to ask personal things about you, they don't care to know and they don't expect you to ask as well. This is super different from the place where I came from, so I really enjoy this point. 


Back in my country, when you get to know people, it's okay to give a pat on the shoulder every once in a while, especially while you're talking. However, in Germany, you're not allowed to do that, because like I said in point number 4, people respect privacy. Unless you're a couple, or close friends, then physical contact will be avoided as much as possible. Even when you're walking with your acquaintances, and you accidentally bump into them, you need to apologize immediately. 


Believe it or not, there is even a handshake etiquette in Germany. Germans respect others very much, therefore, when they introduce themselves, they will give a very firm grip on your hand. From where I came from, sometimes people just pretended to give you a handshake but you can barely feel it hahaha. But that doesn't happen here.  You need to give a firm and steady handshake as well or people will think that you're disrespectful. Not only on the first meeting, people will also shake your hand whenever you meet or saying goodbye, or maybe on rare occasion, when you've got to know each other for quite some time, a simple hug will do.


This is kinda hard for me, because I'm used to the life where, when you need to buy things you can just simply go to the Mall, and everything you need is in ONE place, just different levels. However, that doesn't happen here. If you want to buy foods or ingredients, then you need to go to Grocery shops. If you want to buy shampoo or daily needs, then you need to go to Drogerie Markt. If you want to buy electronic stuff, you need to go to Electronic shops. If you want to buy asian food ingredients, then you need to go to Asian shops. If you want to buy home decors or furnitures then you need to go to shops like Bauhaus, OBI or XXXL. If you need to buy pet supplies then you need to go to Pet Stores. And the list goes on.  The advantage is that they are specialized stores, so you can find anything related to the things you want to buy, but the disadvantage is that they're all in different buildings, and if you're lucky, then they're in the same district or blocks. Point is, you really need to know which stores is for what supplies, and note that it's nearly impossible to spend a day in different stores, you can only decide which things you really need to buy on that day, and spend your time in that ONE store for the rest of the day.


This is one of the things that I really need to get used to. It's really okay to sneeze or blow your nose in front of people, even though you're EATING. I don't think I need to explain this point.


Unless you're a great driver, or you have an ambition of being the member of  "Fast and Furious",  then never consider to drive here. People drive really fast here, like they're super late for work. But seriously, it cringes me out every single day, especially in the Autobahn / Highway. People are expected to be able to drive at least 80km/hour and ABOVE 120km/hour. You can find speed limits everywhere, but for those roads without, then please pick the right side of the roads, unless you want to be blown away by Porche or Audi in split seconds.


Germans seem to worship the rules very much. You will find pedestrians who will still stop and wait for the light to turn green at the crosswalk during midnight even though there's NO cars passing by. There is also a time schedule for house cleaning, so if you use the vacuum cleaner during quiet hours then you can expect your neighbours to ring your bell, this also applies to piano playing or anything that might be disturbing. Many foreigners think that it's okay to break the rules, but truth is, we are all expected to understand and apply the unwritten rules, even though we don't know it. 


Oh, you buy huge furnitures? Then carry them yourself. Oh you buy a lot of groceries? Then put / organize them in the plastics yourself. Something is wrong with your house maintenance? You have got two choices : fix them yourself, or make a call to the plumber or electrician and feel free to wait for another weeks (as long as it can take) until they come to fix it. Cheers.


I can say that people here are so, so so so so so so so so slow in doing everything. This is because they take their time seriously, and enjoy every milisecond of it. You want your bill? Then wait. It can be 15 mins, or if you're lucky maybe 10 will do. ;) NEVER RUSH THEM, and believe me, nobody will rush you. Even if you're crossing the road in a small street, the cars won't honk you, but instead, they will wait for you. You can walk slowly and enjoy the view, seriously, just take your time :D 


I love love love and love this point! Back in my country, everybody talks with a high tone and sometimes they even sound like they're shouting or angry. But here, everyone talks in a very soft and low tone, and I even feel like I talk too loud sometimes. They even talk in a medium speed, stressing every single word. You won't hear people shouting, everyone seems happy and chill here, like they don't have anger within them hahahaa. Every mistake is told in a low tone, and people automatically try to accept critisicm here.


Omg seriously, the food portions are HUGE. But in some restaurants, they're kind enough to provide klein / small portion. In Asian countries, it's normal to share foods with your friends, like for example : you know the portion is huge, therefore you only order one portion and share it. But here, you're always expected to order one for each person, especially in proffesional restaurants. You will see people eating the whole large portion of pizza or other foods by themselves, and believe me, they are fast eaters. But don't worry, you can always pack your foods home in case you can't finish them on the spot.


I don't know if this applies to all Germans, but from the houses I've been to, I realize that people put on shoes inside their houses. Well, obviously, I come from Asia, so this is quite different from how I was brought up. I know that in America people do this too, but still, I need time to adjust to this. (We don't apply this in our home though hahaha)


Good news, people! If you have a serious OCD, this place is where you belong! This is a little contradicting with point number 15, but seriously. the roads, the parks, everywhere is so clean here. I can tell that they really take care of their environment here, the speed limit in the highway might be slowed down occasionally just because they are doing plant maintainance or maybe cleaning the roads. Just wow.


Seriously, coins are always used in every transaction, they are even useful for accessing the grocery carts, especially €1 coins. 
I somehow realize that the people here like to pay with money instead of cards, so keep your coins, they will save your life, unless you want to pay with bigger amount and get a lot of coins in return. xD


Don't be shocked when you're doing your shopping and suddenly there is a pet passing by, or maybe when you're eating in a snack store / imbiss, and there is a pet sitting nearby. I was not used to this at first, but now from the brighter side of perspective, I somehow love this because it simply means that there are a lot of animal lovers here.


This honestly sucks for me, because we are always required to do shopping on weekdays or Saturdays, since the stores will be closed on Sundays. Problem is, even on weekdays, you need to do it earlier because some stores close at 7-8 PM. And like what I stated above, the people here are so punctual, so we really need to take this seriously. What sucks most is when the Winter is coming, the sky is as dark as 7 PM even though it's just 5 PM here, which makes me even lazier to go out. 


As I said above, Germans care about their environment, therefore, they take recycling really seriously. OMG for me, it's insane. We are required to specify the garbages according to their types, and I don't even know how to explain it to you since it's so frustrating and confusing. So, I found an article about the garbage recycling HERE (click) , and have fun reading hahaha.

Wow it's a long list I've got there, and believe me, that's NOT all. I will share again with you once I've encountered new challenges here, so for now, I hope this information will help or give you another perspectives. Kay, see you! xx